“Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

 – MATTHEW 5:16 –

DECEMBER 11 – 12, 2021

The Catholic Social Media Summit  is participated mostly by young professionals, creatives and religious from dioceses and congregations throughout the country and the world, aims on keeping Church workers updated with the latest trends and innovations on the most effective platform for evangelization especially in this time of pandemic— digital media.

Almost two years into the pandemic, there is an unprecedented increase in doubt.  Minds are filled with anxiety as social media platforms becomes an online orbituary.  There is a surge in physical and spiritual hunger and thirst in every individual.  The longing to be “normal” again seems unimaginable.

Despite all these, the presence of an Influencer carries hope. A little spark of hope.

When there is darkness, there is light. This light must shine,  conquering the darkness we are experiencing today.

This CSMSv10 is about


“Come and see”

“Come and see” were the first words that Jesus uttered to the disciples inviting them to have a relationship with Him. The disciples received the light and brought it to the world.  The disciples become the influencers.  We are called to be like the disciples.  We are called to be influencers. 

The light and presence of The Influencer  multiplies and radiates. It moves and penetrates the darkness. They are the ones “who search for knowledge and enlightenment and who in so doing seeks to bring it to mankind.”

The word is effective only if it is “seen”, only if it engages us in experience, in dialogue. For this reason, the invitation to “come and see” was, and continues to be, essential.

This light produces good deeds. The light generates and spreads. As Influencers, our task in the new evangelization is to pass on this gift – Gifted to Give.  



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