The CSMS primarily attracts young professionals, creatives, and church workers from various dioceses across the country.

Its objective is to keep church communicators informed about the latest trends and innovations in the most effective platform for evangelization—digital media.



During this CSMSv12, you will learn and experience to:


Creating content has the potential to edify and transform stories, leading to truth and creating a lasting impact on society. Its importance lies in the fact that it holds the power to influence public opinion.


Factors such as engagement, virality, reposts, likes, shares, and following play a crucial role in establishing an online presence, both for individuals and entities. How can we as Catholics work together to create utilize these each online platforms effectively?


What does it mean for communications and for the church? Many people are looking for a sense of community. How can social media be used to create more inclusive and accessible digital spaces? What are the challenges and opportunities of using social media in a hybrid world?

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